Kubuntu and Roon

I plan to install Roon on a desktop computer running Kubuntu 18.04. Kubuntu is a KDE distro unlike Ubuntu or Mint which are Gnome.

I’d be interested to know if anyone has any experience with KDE and Roon.


yeah, by running it with wine.

Thanks for the reply. Are you running Roon with Kubuntu in Wine?

No, I run another distro with KDE.

But to be clear: what do you want to run? Roon (as control point) or Roon Server? The latter is available for Linux natively, the first one is only possible with running it under Wine.

I have an oldish i5 laptop (W7 x64bit) and I thought to trial Roon on it for starters. That way I can avoid Wine - I don’t find it the easiest to work with but maybe that’s just me.

If I like what I see in the trial, I might then either build a ROCK server or run a Linux Kubuntu machine as server.

I will use an iPhone app for control to a Linn Majik, and a couple of Sonos endpoints.

I hope that all makes sense.

so you want to run Roon Server?

I guess that’s what I mean. The terminology looses me sometimes.

I use Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and the Core to, in a terminal i did the installation and it is very fast with a Celeron and 4 Gb memory., bridge on a little Neo2 plus from friendlyarm as a bridge/endpoint in conbination output USB to the Soekris DAC.
With a android tablet I do the selection off the music.