Kudos (Overview screen changes) ! 🙌

To the Person or Person(s) at Roon who decided to change the Overview section to ‘Recently Played’ AND ‘Recently Added’ and had the foresight to include recently played Internet Radio stations in the “Recently Played’ - I salute you women and men :raised_hands::+1::metal::clap:


A nice addition, and the best part: vertical scrolling! Hopefully a sign of what’s to come.


Hi, vertical scrolling is horrible in my opinion because its not smooth. If they could make vertical scrolling have pages like the horizontal scrolling then I am ok but at the moment its not smooth and it bugs me.

Edit - iPad Pro 12.9 2018

This is a kudos thread, not a moan thread. If you’d like to moan, then please open your own thread about vertical scrolling issues in Support (which for the record is also glorious for me on iPad )


I agree about the change to the Overview section. I never used to bother with it, but since the new release it’s my go-to destination. I generally listen to single classical works from an album and this is perfect for retrieving them for repeated listening. Thank you, Roon developers.

I am also very happy with the new layout, particularly because it solved a dilemma I previously was facing: how do I manage an “audition” queue of new releases from Qobuz? In other words, I was puzzling over how best to deal with listening to a track or two of a new album but not wanting to commit to placing it in the Library, yet not wanting to lose sight of it until I made up my mind. This new layout solves it perfectly, because I can easily find the try-outs in recently played without fearing they will slip off into the Qobuz hinterlands until I’m ready to let them go! :grinning:

Its a thread and I’m entitled to my opinion.

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