Kudos to Noris -- this is how it's done

While I’ve been occasionally vocal about my dissatisfaction with various aspects of the Roon program (and will continue to chime in if it ever seems productive)…

…I’d like to say I’m really impressed with @noris as a Roon support member. This is not to suggest that any other Roon team member is in any way deficient – just that I know really good tech support when I see/read it, and Noris is consistently providing that type of support.

We haven’t interacted on any thread, and may never do so…but if you want to see examples of what I’m talking about, just look at virtually any of Noris’s posts in the support category over the last several weeks or so. Step-by-step solutions laid out in a chronological fashion; with the necessary detail, clear & concise language, and a liberal sprinkling of explanatory screen shots.

It doesn’t really get any better than that.

On a somewhat related note, it would be nice if someone at Roon would take the time (even now, long after the fact) to introduce us to the several new Roon employees who’ve come on in the past 6-12 months…


Absolutely agree. What does bug me however is when he provides some perfect and appropriate advice only to have it completely ignored by the poster having the issue. He does persevere though in getting the important questions answered. Step by step…


Thank you for your kind words @trtlrock , I really appreciate it :grin:

I always strive my best to make the troubleshooting process as easy as possible to understand, but most of the credit should be given to our wonderful support team who often help in the background and the active users and mods who frequently provide great suggestions!

It’s not always easy getting the right answers to customers but every little bit helps, so in reality it should be me thanking you guys for making my job as straightforward as possible, you rock!

Thanks again for the kind words and if there’s any Roon issues you need resolved, don’t hesitate to reach out to me or any of the other amazing support staff members, we’re here to help :sunglasses:

– Noris