Kudos to Roon for Live Radio

I listen to Internet Radio streams–a lot (mostly classical).

This was done via my Marantz AVR. The problem with that was streams constantly dropped–it was rare to go through the day without a drop. This happened not only to the stream I was listening to, but other streams I then tried to switch to.

Marantz uses, I believe, iRadio as it’s database. Access to that dropping also happened on an all too frequent basis. This would stop all streaming.

Since installing Roon 1.7 and doing streaming via Roon, I’ve had a single, momentary drop. So, kudos to the Roon team.

I do not have Tidal or Qubuz. Roon is used to play my ripped CDs, and to listen to Internet Radio (favorite stream: Audiophile Classical). Live Radio is the single best feature of 1.7 (IMHO).

Given all the problems posted, figure a good post was warranted.

Thanks, Roon.

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