La Petite Bande is NOT the Rapper known as P. B

…even if Roon’s metadata thinks that they are one and the same. It’s the first time that I’ve seen the music of Heinrich Schütz given the genre of “Rap”…

@Geoff_Coupe Was this an auto-identification? The reason I ask is that we only appear to have trackless metadata from our providers for this album (and no artwork). I’m wondering if you’ve manually selected P.B.'s trackless album? If not, I’ll dig deeper.

Yes, in the list of possible matches, I chose the P.B. entry, since it seemed to be the only match that fitted the album. Is it possible to replace the artist entry with the correct one?

Sorry, @joel, looks like a false alarm. I found another entry in the list with the conductor Kuijken listed, and this looks like the correct match. My apologies.

No worries. Glad you sorted it out. :slight_smile: