Label - search album by…

Qobuz… I would like to search albums by record label
… I’ve seen in the forum history this is something requested many times over the last years… but still nothing :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

we have the useless ARC but not the search by label :angry:… do people in Roon know that different labels have different sound signature? Can people in Roon understand that for music lovers the possibility to search by label can be as important as search by artist?
Is there anybody there listening music?

Add your vote to the feature suggestion that has the most votes, it’s the best you can do, at least more than needlessly insulting Roon developers who dedicated their work lives to try and write the best music player - most likely not because they don’t like music

ARC is great, fits my use case exactly. I don’t give a fig about labels, never once searched for music based on that criteria.
So how does the Roon team balance both viewpoints?

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another vote? Another time (waste of time seems to be) ?
the fact is not possible to search by label outside the library is a big limit… a well known limit… a limit that is there since years

I would love to have that very much, but your vote will be persisting on the suggestion and increase its likelihood forever, while this thread will disappear and fall off the radar within a few days. Unless you just wanted to vent, in which case carry on …

Yep…I have NEVER searched for music based on the label. It would be a nice feature to add I suppose. But it’s not one of many things I would choose to criticize Roon about.

It depends on the music one listens to. Nobody will search for Universal or Sony, but in the indie and electronics genres, jazz as well I suppose, the labels have an identity and being able to search for them would be really nice for me as well. It’s just that “you built a great car, so why are you morons not making it fly” is not helpful


Alright, let’s keep it nice and civil please.
Insults never get anyone anywhere here in the Roon forums…well at least not in the direction they hoped for.
Thank you.

It’s still a pretty important search criteria for some and I would like it. I added my vote ages ago. Many labels have a sound and a style of music they promote and it would be another way to discover other acts. Cherry Red are great at rereleasing older long defunct labels material and have some brilliant compilations that would be great to find as and when they are released. Yes I can go their website but I could also go to AllMusic or MusicBrainz.

Which is what I said several times.

I would add smaller classical labels to that list. :wink:

I’m one that would like to have this feature, but all I or anyone can do is vote for it.

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Sounds you have understanding for work ?