Label search on Roon fails


I tried asking this question on an older thread but after 8 days it received no response of any kind, so I am trying again.

I believe I am getting two different kinds of results when I search by label.

Sometimes I see ALL the albums available through Roon (and Tidal). That’s what I hope to see.

But other times it seems what appears are only the albums already in my own collection (Tidal and my own files that Roon can also see).

Has anyone else had this experience? Does anyone know how to get the first result consistently?


I think if you do a search you only see a result with Label in the return if you have that label in your library. A label search is just using focus.
I used focus to find a label with a single entry in my library, search showed an album result. I deleted the album and search showed no album result.

Hi @Geoff_Mirelowitz,

Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing here? Can you provide examples of the searches you’re performing that yield different results?

Hi Dylan,
I’m not at all sure I can reproduce my earlier results. In all honesty I may be misremembering them. When I do a label search now, all that comes up are the albums associated with that label that are already in my collection. I doubt you need another screen shot of that result. @ged_hickman1 already confirmed that’s his result also.

My remaining question to you as a Roon support person is: “How is the label search supposed to work?” If it’s only intended to bring up albums already in our collections that answers my question.

But that would be unfortunate. Several years ago the streaming service Rdio offered this feature. As you probably know Apple bought Rdio and killed it. But the results of a label search on Rdio absolutely brought up all albums associated with the label that Rdio offered. It was a very valuable feature.

Suggesting such improvements to Tidal is a waste of breath – or typing time. But I would hope that Roon, which is so much more advanced in most ways than Rdio was, could offer this search feature in the future.

Hi @Geoff_Mirelowitz,

If you search for and choose a specific label, this automatically applies a Focus to your library for that label, showing you only what is in your library.

If you’re wanting to browse all albums available from a particular label, I would recommend posting your suggestion in the 'feature request" section of the site.

Our product team and developers keep a close eye on that category, so that’s definitely the best place to propose a change like this and get feedback from the Community.

Thanks for the feedback, Geoff — It’s greatly appreciated!


If you do this let me know please - I’d find it really useful as well



I’ll try to do this later today. Thanks for clearing up what feature is and is not available at this time.

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