Labels or badges for 360 Reality Audio/Dolby Atmos

Dear Roon,

Is there a way to identify albums that are mixed in Sony’s 360 Reality Audio or Dolby Atmos within Roon? I’m actually just trying to avoid these versions while trying to find the correct CD version of the album (or MQA if available), but all of these multichannel formats seem to be labeled as regular lossless CDs in Roon (or unlabeled? It’s confusing to me at least). Am I missing something? If not, would it be possible to add labels or badges for these formats? Or maybe just not show them in Roon at all if you don’t offer support for these formats.

An example on Tidal would be The Weekend’s new album After Hours which has multiple versions including a Dolby Atmos version. Another example would be Marvin Gaye’s Midnight Love album which has one 360 Reality Audio version of available. Both are labeled as CDs.

Thank you for your great and ongoing support.

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I second this!

Roon Team, please!