Lack of metadata

I bought Roon because of the promise of it’s metadata for exploring new artists and material. However, increasingly I find artists and albums for which there is no metadata at all. For instance:

Mostly Other People Do the Killing - 4 albums, no metadata for artist, and only one album with notes
Bremer/McCoy - 2 albums, no info at all
Sa Chen - no info
David Chesky - about half the albums have no info
Skeewiff - nothing

I’m sure my taste is off in the weeds with respect to other users, but that’s exactly the point, right? Without the metadata, Roon is pointless.

Pointless? IMO you are being quite harsh on a new company and software which is only a month or so old. Why don’t you give the Roon team a little bit of time to develop and improve rather than just boldly complain.

Yes, pointless to me. I’m perfectly capable of finding music by name on Tidal directly, Apple Music, or anywhere else. I bought Roon for the metadata, cross-referencing and liner notes – things you can’t get elsewhere.

I’m sorry if you see this as just complaining, but I’m not exactly in a position to fix the problem. I want to ensure that the Roon team understands that this is the #1 thing to get right.

That’s fine, but if you’ve read here in these forums it’s obvious that they are working on improving metadata and it is already a top priority.

I disagree about number 1 priority. In my humble opinion, I would like the work on adding new end points, headless operation, improving sound quality and fixing bugs interfacing with certain dac drivers in AISO mode first.

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