Lack of new EA releases

Does anyone know why it’s been so long since we’ve seen an early access release for both Roon and especially ARC? Is a major update on the way?

22 days is not an eternity. Maybe they are working on a bigger step, you can’t churn out a feature every week.

And the important ARC stability fixes are apparently not ready, as far as I take from that thread

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We haven’t seen a new ARC release since July which is a pretty long time. I’ve reported several bugs related to notification handling on Android and while they put a ticket in it’s been annoying to live with some of the issues in ARC and I’m hoping we’ll get some more stability soon.

I used Roon ARC this afternoon with CarPlay and it worked better than ever. Maybe because I got an AT&T upgrade to fiber last week and my internet speed increased from 50/12 to 300/300. I’m 240 miles away from home this week.

I’m sure Roon will issue new releases as soon as there is something to release, and hopefully, after adequate testing.

My Roon ARC version is Build 207.

EDIT: I drive 4 hours this afternoon from NC to GA and Roon ARC worked perfectly the entire trip. That’s using my iPhone 13 Pro Max and Verizon Wireless cellular. I’m sure the improved operation of Roon ARC is due to AT&T wireless upgrading me from 50/12 copper to 300/300 fiber.

I’m referring more to ARC, there hasn’t been a release since July. I’m wondering/hoping they are working on a major update (ARC 2.0)?

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They explained the difficulties in the ARC stability thread. There’s no point releasing an update for testing if you don’t have the fix actually ready.

Enjoy the music.


The experience on Android is not as great. I have frequent issues with music playing over navigation prompts and the only thing that fixes it is to Force Stop ARC and restart it. I’m hoping they fix it soon, as I reported it months ago.

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Are you sure?
I seem to remember an ARC release only a couple weeks ago.
Not sure how major it was though.

Maybe, I’d be surprised if there isn’t a bigger release before Christmas, but they will tell us when they think it’s ready for testing. No point in speculating, is there

Obviously this is not affecting everyone though is it.
My Android experience is pretty reasonable IMHO.

Why are we guessing? There are release notes and the last ARC app was end of July. (Obviously talking about EA because that’s the topic)

That was a production release, not Early Access. Hopefully like @Suedkiez said we’ll see something before the holidays. I’m just hoping for a little more polish and stability. I use ARC every day and love it but it’s not as smooth as the full Roon Remote app.

Ah yes, correct, my mistake there.

I think it affects Android 13 and 14. I’m not quite sure Android 12 and older is affected. I have a Pixel 6 Pro so I’m always on the latest.

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Again a good valid point, I’m on 12 .
Let’s hope Roon move forward with this one then.
And I will hang back on buying a new phone :joy:

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There is also an ongoing issue where the play/pause controls in the notification shade does not work. I reported both of these and they have a ticket in but it’s been months with no fix.

And if they are working on something bigger, at some point you stop merging fixes into the current code branch because it’s a lot of pointless work to backport them if the current branch will be retired in 2 months or whatever.

Patience! Coding is not bricklaying.

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Yup, makes perfect sense. ARC launched about a year ago, so it would make sense that we’d see a version bump soon.

I’m hoping for a stable release :roll_eyes:


I’m just hoping for any release that is 100% stable like Plexamp or literally any other streaming app let alone one that I spend $700 on.