Lack of new EA releases

So true

There might be something big coming but I cannot confirm or deny. Or reveal my sources :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am listening to music on PlexAmp now while traveling, so I hear you 100%

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Historically, there was a nice surprise in the last quarter / before Christmas most of the time.

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The exact words were

We have some exciting stuff on the way

Well most of the new releases have been structural backend changes that aren’t user facing. I imagine that means the groundwork is being laid for something big. Maybe a convergence between Roon and ARC. All I want in this world is Roon on my laptop wherever I go without using my VPN.

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To be fair, they do say that all the time. And “exciting” is relative. I’m sure that the KKBOX integration was exciting for the Roon team, but, didn’t impact me at all since I can’t use it.


I was so thrilled by this addition. Made me want to move somewhere I could use it :rofl:

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I’ve had RoonServer loaded on a laptop since 2015. Has traveled with me all over, never needed a VPN.

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I have a home server so Roonserver lives on that and I VPN to my network to steam on my laptop when I’m at work or somewhere else. I can remotely manage my server and it’s on UPS and has wake on lan configured so if I’m away and I lose power I can always boot it back up!

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True, and at the start of the year they dangled exciting things in 2023 in front of us, and may I remind everyone that nearly a quarter of the year is still in the future

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I agree, months of silence and a few releases with backend changes that they wanted to test tells me something major is coming.
It’s clear that ARC as it is isn’t as stable as other solutions so I’m hoping something major is coming to make ARC all that it has the potential to be.


Let me see we have, as late as a month ago, had the attempted Roon build# 1324 rollout. Until that has been resolved and released, you probably will not be seeing much else.

As to new and exciting things in 2023, there have been a ton. So far (not counting fixes) we have had…

  • Carplay was released
  • Android Auto was released
  • KKBOX integration
  • Fluency was introduced
  • Muse for ARC was released (and rebranded back in Roon)
  • First Steps in Android USB drivers
  • New Support Form
  • IPv6 support for RoonOS
  • Added Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Backed End Staged Rollout Functionality
  • Dropping Core and Rebranding to Server
  • Roon installs now segregated RoonServer / Roon (Client)

So, besides the delays that might be imposed due to 1324’s rollout, I am not seeing a lack of new releases. It might be the feature(s) in question is not of value to you, but, that does not make it less of a feature addition.


Yeah, and maybe that was it in 2023. I don’t know. Though I wouldn’t qualify SSO and staged rollouts as very exciting from a user point of view. But if that’s it for 2023, there will be something big in 2024. It’s kind of obvious and just numbers we give the years