Lack of synchronization between remotes

Roon Core Machine

Intel Core i7 7th Gen

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear R6400
Core on Ethernet
Apple TV on Ethernet
iPad & iPhone remotes on WiFi

Connected Audio Devices

2xChromecast Audio
Apple TV

Number of Tracks in Library

16711 tracks.

Description of Issue

There doesn’t seem to be any synchronization between the Windows Roon remote (running on the same machine as the core) and the iOS devices, even though they are on the same network using the same profile. In other words, tags or metadata changes on the Windows remote aren’t reflected on the iOS remotes and vice versa. Also, when I play music to a certain endpoint (the Apple TV, for instance) from the Windows remote, the iOS show nothing playing on the Apple TV (and vice versa).

It takes a little more training to understand a lot of things correctly. Metadata and tags should always concern the core and it always distributes the same to every remote control.

However, who has several cores in use, also maintains multiple.

Remote controls can actually only connect to a running core and would have to forward the stored (same) information from the core for Android, iOS, Windows. Certainly, more information is saved on the cell phone than on the tablet or computer, but that would only be a limitation to the screen size. The display can be forwarded independently of the sound.

On each remote control, however, you can also individually set what should be displayed and what should be omitted.

Usually translates to different profiles in use on the controls (like: Roon profile “Me” on Windows but Roon profile “She” on iOS). Did you check that the controls use the same core and the same Roon profile?

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There is only one core and only one profile on the account, so… yes.

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Hey @Paul_McElligott,

Thanks for reporting this and for your incredible patience while we got a chance to reply. It’s been too long :pensive:

Are your remote devices still “behind” when it comes to the informationd displayed? We’d love to help :nerd_face:

Yes. Basically, tags and metadata don’t sync between core machine and remotes. For example, if Roon server detects a new album but that album is split for some reason, I would have to merge the album on both the core machine and one of the remotes.

Also, if the remote on the core machine plays something on one of my Chromecasts, for example, the remotes will not show nothing playing on that endpoint. Finally, remotes (Windows laptop, phone, and iPad) sync with each other, just not with the core machine.

Hey @Paul_McElligott,

Thanks for your reply :pray:

We’re very interested to find out more, so, I was wondering if there was any chance to share some screenshots illustrating this behavior?

We want to understand what is happening, so we can offer a solution.

Do you have RoonServer and Roon installed on your Core?
You possibly run two Cores on your Core - the all-in-one Roon (Use this machine as Core) and RoonServer.


Bingo. Guess I did that before I knew what I was doing. I thought “Use This PC as the Core” meant “attach to the server you already installed.”

I wondered why my remotes always showed two cores when I was connecting them. Thought it was a bug.

I uninstalled Roon standalone and reinstalled it without setting up a new core.

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