Lack of the full track title

Some tracks doesn’t have a full title. Track 6

Yup, see this with a lot off albums. As soon as bonustracks are involved, it would be nice to see this extra track info as well.

Is this something that roon filters?

Sometimes roon finds the correct release, but still leaves this extra track title info out. Some releases have the same track 2,3,4 or more times, they all are labeld the same

Hi @cas,

We’re working on this issue, and have some server-side fixes coming that should address a few cases we tracked down where we we’re not preserving this data. That said, we don’t always get great data here.

Our next release will allow you to use file tags for album title, individual track titles, and a variety of other fields, so soon you’ll be able to override any places where our data is incomplete. In the future, we’ll also allow users to submit corrections to our database, so this should improve in a few ways.

Thanks for the question @cas!

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