Lagging on air KEF LSX/24 bits/192Khz/WiFi

Core: MacBook Pro 2.4 Ghz
Source: Qobuz 24bits, 192 Khz, Streaming
Transport: Wifi
Output: KEF LSX (paired with cable)


I have serious issues while playing over the air with my configuration: lags.

When using local speakers, I do not have any issue (therefore, the problem is not linked to the internet bandwidth while streaming).

When using 16 bits music, I have “only” few issues.

I am trying Roon in order to get wireless HiFi sound but I am skeptical now.
Any idea on how to debug this case?

Thank you

What network equipment do you have? And how is it linked up.
If you can stream 16 bit but not high res it does point to a network issue.

Hi Ged.
I also pointed out the network equipment (a generic device installed by the internet operator).
But it delivers 80 MB/s traffic on the internet.
Well, local Wi-Fi shall be much more than confortable.

I also tried to use Airplay (WiFi) with Qobuz (16bits) and it works fine without any issue: it removes any doubt regarding the routing function of the network device.

It seems that DLNA/uPnP is not working that well between KEF and Roon. :thinking:

Hi Vincent. I’m not sure if the issue I had is/was the same - music play stopping during tracks and invariably between tracks.

Took me a while to work it out, but I run my Roon Core on a MacMini which had been used elsewhere. Checked the Network settings and discovered a DNS entry for an ISP on the other side of the planet.

Changed to Google’s DNS servers; and and hey presto! Works perfectly.

Hope this helps.

I’m glad that fixed it, but my understanding is computers should cache domain name lookups, so that once they’ve asked for the IP address for, e.g., they should stick with it.

They get a lease for a certain time then when it expires they look it up again.

Try to change wifi channel on your router

Wow these have been horrible on wi-fi. I’ll try the channel route but may have to run some ugly ethernet cable into the room

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