Lamb : Multiple bands with the same name

See picture : Lamb (definitely several bands with the same name) seems to be a little mixed-up. The Trip-hop / Drum & Bass duo from Manchester might be surprised that they’re actually American & from SanFran !

Also, on the following album, all of the performance credits for the Amsterdam Symphony Orchestra are missing from the metadata :-

Big Lamb fan here, especially from the earlier work :wink: Picture is correct with Lou Rhodes but bio isn’t. Hopefully a future update will allow us to change bio and artist pictures.

I see you have the a special addition of Backspace Unwind. At least the cover is correct as for the normal version it’s black :smile:

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I also have this problem with a number of bands. Bands with the same name are often grouped together.

The opposite is also true - sometimes a single band is "split"in Roon into 2 artists, both with the same name.

I had hoped that this would be fixed with 1.1 but alas the wrong band bio is still there. Any way to fix this???

Hey @stevev1 – this is a metadata issue that will need to be fixed in our database.

We’re working on it, and have a few related tickets open in our bug tracker that should get some attention now that 1.1 is out the door. Sorry for the delay!

@mike @brian @kevin @jeremiah
Any danger of this getting fixed ?

What’s the turnaround time / plan for fixing MetaData errors ?

What’s the turnaround time / plan for fixing MetaData errors ?

Problems like the one mentioned in this thread almost always happen because of an error in the source data from one of our metadata providers.

They get fixed when we report the error to the provider. Then the provider incorporates our requested changes, they publish them to us, we publish them to our cloud services, and eventually your Roon install pulls the updated metadata. This process can take a few weeks, especially if tracking down the root cause takes us some time.

Cases like this one are pretty tricky–an artist might be referenced in a few hundred places in each of our provider’s databases. If one of those references points to the wrong “Lamb”, it can cause the two distinct artists to be glued together in our system. Tracking down the exact point in a provider’s data where the root cause of the problem is is a pretty time-intensive/manual task.

Because it’s unsustainable for us to deal with these manually, one by one, we are working on building an automated system that identifies likely mistakes in the source data so we can submit these mistakes to the providers in bulk. This should fix this class of error broadly for the long term.

On the other hand, if the cause is a bug in our code, usually the overriding concern with metadata handling changes is the amount of risk involved–if we change the logic for how performers or albums are deemed to be equivalent to one another, the potential for collateral damage is significant. These sorts of changes need to go through a lot of testing before we can confidently release them. When we get equivalences wrong for major artists/albums, it’s very embarrassing, and there’s some risk of that sort of thing every time we tweak the logic.

In parallel with the project to search for mistakes, we are also in the process of revising how some of our metadata infrastructure works to make it simpler and quicker for us to test sweeping changes to the more risk-laden parts of the system. This will allow us to move faster in the future.

The ultra-long-term solution is to open up Roon’s database to user contribution/correction. This is a big project, and it’s not the top thing on our list right now, but I’m guessing we’ll be starting the R+D process for that sometime next year.



This is still not fixed… 6 months onwards.
I changed the picture but bio is still wrong:

Same problem here. I think full metadata is coming soon, which should allow the user to fix these kind of things :smiley:

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I just responded in the other thread guys. Thanks for the report(s) :slight_smile:

Pics & biog have been updated - checked today - 20th Dec.
Some kind of record…? :smirk: :wink:

Huh ?? Just checked … Not for me! It’s still wrong.
How’s that possible.

Then perhaps something else for the Roonies to look into ?

still something wrong with your data as well… strange that they’re disbanded in 1973 and formed in 1994 :smile:

I’ve been able to fix it as well… I changed the picture and THEN the bio changed as well!!!
Very strange but it worked

Zombie thread!
…but the issue is still not fixed.

Wow didn’t realise the bio got messed up again. It was OK before

@support can you look into this once more

@support +1 to get this fixed. Three and half years is a very long time for this still to be wrong and as a new Roon subscriber it doesn’t fill me with much confidence.

@support @joel
Yep, seems like this is busted again. What’s going on…?

I think your math may be off here :wink: but I took a look and I’m not sure what happened here – I was sure we’d fixed this.

Anyway, I’ve checked in an edit – look for this to update in your libraries over the next week or two, and let us know if you’re still having issues here.