Lampizator Musikomputer playing dsf files with fixed volume not possible

Lampizator Musikomputer

Lampizator Musikomputer

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Lampizator Musikomputer connected with usb to Lampizator Big 7 DAC and integrated amplifier Evolution 845 Mastersound

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

156000 and 4TB dsf files

Description of Issue

It is not possible to play dsf files with fixed volume.But only with DSP volume.
the files where recognized and are playing but there is no sound. But this means a lost in sound quality for me.Sometimes it works but after i.e. 1 hour of playing there is no sound and I have to change to DsP Volume.
Now I want to know is it possible to use the fixed volume ongoing for dsf files ? And what have I to change in Roon Setuo I use DoP but with DSP Volume there is a converting to PCM .Thank you Martin

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Hello @Martin_Hackl ,

Thanks for your message here. Can you please confirm if this issue reproduces on any other zones or just on the Lapizator Big 7? What does the Signal Path look like when this issue happens, can you share a screenshot?

Hi noris,

I send you the first screenshot here it happens but not always.When I start in the morning it is no problem ,but after some changes to non dsf files or after changing to qobuz and then come back to an dsf file it happens.The solution is to change to dsp (seen in 2. screenshot) After this it is not possible to hear dsd 64.The file is running but there is no sound.with best regards Martin

Hi Noris,it only happens in the zone with the Big 7 until now not with my PC. But thete is another pathway,so I think you can‘t compare. With best regards

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