Lampizator Superkomputer + IPAD Air 2

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Lampizator Superkomputer

connect by ethernet


Lampizator SK to Golden Gate 2 DAC by USB Cable


Description Of Issue

Hi A few days ago I installed a Lampizator superkomputer, then I registered in Roon through my Ipad Air 2. The Lampizator SK was registered as a nucleus, I could listen to music without problems some days and since yesterday I cannot select the Lampizator SK again, and I get the message “Looking for you Roon Core”
What I can do?
The supercomputer is connected with an ethernet cable.

Reboot it as a first step.

I already did it several times, but it doesn’t respond

I would contact lampizator on the website it says they can connect remotely and do diagnosis.

Indeed, I contacted them and they solved the problem immediately, I am already enjoying this tremendous Superkomputer again


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