Lana Del Rey - Norman Effing Rockwell

Just bought Lana Del Rey’s new album.

With the title ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell’, only to be amazed that Roon turns this into NFR.

I’m pretty sure this is typical American ‘decency’, but I’m not an American citizen and want the ‘real deal’. Can this not be changed in some kind or setting or something? That people can enable if they think they need to be protected against this very dangerous word?


Use Album Editor to change the title. :slightly_smiling_face:
Edit: But for me, Roon calls it Norman Fucking Rockwell! (added from Tidal).

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Yeah… tbh this is the quickest thing to do and I will.

It was just me being annoyed with this … ahum … stuff creeping into Roon.
Which obviously is not something they are responsible for, I know.

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Ok. I was a little bit too hasty to spit out me being annoyed with this.

The correct title is present as well, depending on how it’s identified.

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