Land on the correct box set disc from composition searches

One of the few ways I have found of navigating large box sets in roon is from the composition screen. If I merge all my Verdi Requiems for example I now at least know I have a version on my Decca box set.

But if I click on the “Go to” button I land here:

Oh dear. Where is my Verdi Requiem? :thinking:

On the other hand if I click on the Decca Box thumbnail from the composition screen I land here:

Now I know that Verdi Requiem is on Disc 30 :rofl:

Is it possible to align these behaviors so whatever I click on I land on the disk in box sets that has the composition I am interested in?


Yes, I have only just started to use this workround after way too many dead end searches. Strangely enough, a recent one was searching for a Verdi cd I knew I had but Roon didn’t bring it up during the search for ‘Verdi’!

One thing I have noticed is inconsistency in the search results depending where you start from. It is almost as if from one screen roon is parsing strings and from another it is selecting on it’s object model.

For example, you may, as is common have the composer and/or artist in the track title. You may not even realise your tags are like this. So on one type of seach roon parses the track title and picks up your composers and/or artists. Is search from the album screen, for example, working this way? The problem is that although the album has been identified the composition/performance may not have been identified so roon has not populated composer and/or artists in it’s object model. Those sorts of searches then fail.

I am finding that merging the compositions on the composition screen often clears things up as that seems to give roon enough clues to complete the population of it’s object model. Sometimes though the composition will not show up even on the composition screen and then I have to chase down opus and catalog numbers and spelling variations with composers and change my tags to align with roon. With multi-part works, reformatting tracks as WORK/PART is often needed as well.