Language issue on IPad controller (Windows is just fine)

Hello… Just started Roon, and loving it so far. Quick question on the language… I am Korean, so number of my music collection is in Korean language. I didn’t have any language issue when using Roon on Windows 7 (NUC), but all the Korean characters are broken, in IPad mini2 screen, which I am using as control. I am planning to use NUC headless, so this is important. It doesnt seem too difficult to fix, given the language in Windows is just fine?

Is there way to fix this? If not, I strongly recommend a fix in next release. Thank You

I have the same problem with Chinese characters too, and have posted regarding this problem in another thread (with screenshots).

There has been no response from the devs to date. Would appreciate a short response from the devs that this problem is acknowledged and that they are working on it.

Hey guys – this was a tricky issue, but we’ve got a fix being tested now. It didn’t make Build 55, but I think it should make the next iOS release.

Sorry for the trouble guys!

Thanks mike!

Your reply is much appreciated. Cheers!