Laptop fan turns on

Hi I have a Surface Book 8GB ram i5. It didn’t use to use its fan when running roon, but now it has started to.

Is there a way to turn this off?

Thank you

You wouldn’t want to. You can check for dust and blow it out with compressed air, and you can work the device less hard by turning off any DSP. Other than that, if the fan comes on it is because it needs to.

Thanks Henry. It seems to have turned itself off again. Strange. I’ve just switched DSP back on and its not turning on again.

Would be worth looking at the task manager when the fan comes on, to check what is causing the extra load. Maybe you have other things running which are contributing.

Is roon analyzing tracks with maybe all cores?

That caused the fan of my laptop to almost die :sunglasses:.

Once all tracks were analyzed the fan was quiet even with DSP (although I make only light use of DSP).

Good point. I think I had just re-loaded my library.