Laptop requirements

im looking to dedicate a good laptop for roon core. could i check the following please to help me in my purchase.

  1. i use roon for tidal integration and have no locally stored music. is 256gb ssd sufficient storage and if so a brief explanation why would be great. i read 2gb for 1000 albums bit not sure if that is for stored music as on a hard drive for example.

  2. will roon take full advantage of 12-13 inch screens with high resolution displays such as 3000by2000 or 3200by1800 or 2736by1824 etc.

  3. finally if i want to swap roon core from an imac to a dedicated laptop as core (for personal reasons) and i want to keep this as simple as possible can i follow these steps

:: install roon on new laptop
:: pick use this laptop to manage my music library on new laptop
:: once i check all my albums/artists/settings are in place on new laptop core then uninstall roon from imac
:: backup data on new laptop core

this would be straightforward and simple for me rather than backing up databases etc. still new to all of this.

many thanks for help here mohab (loving roon so far)


How are you creating a wired connection between the laptop and avr?