Laptop to QNAP NAS migration

I’m migrating from a Laptop based Roon instalation to a QNAP NAS.
I’ve installed the Roon core in the QNAP and this is what I got:

What’s next? How can I launch the Roon interface and restore the database backup?
I think I’m missing something trivial but important.

Thanks in advance.

Use Roon for MacOS/Windows or Roon Remote for iOS/Android to connect to your new Core and load the backup. Read also:

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So if I will use the same laptop as Roon interface I will need to install again and connect to the new core or is possible reconfigure my current installation?

From the guide I linked above:

Previous Roon Core

Once your new Core machine is up and running, you can continue running Roon as a remote on the machine that previously ran your Core. It is important that you “clean up” the machine that was previously running your database. You do not want the same database running on two machines. We recommend renaming or deleting the Roon database folder on the machine that previously ran your Core. You can find the Roon database folder here.

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