Large box sets again

In the Digital Audio review by John Darko, he mentioned:

Roon 1.3 will take this concept further with (something they call) Collections – an un/ordered virtual container for everything from individual songs to albums to genres. Users can create a bag in which to drop Roon-accessible stuff, including Tidal content.

This doesn’t exist yet, does it? Is it still planned?

I’m still looking for a strategy for breaking up my large classical box sets into smaller subunits (ideally, this would be the original albums). Working with a “bag” to throw tracks in would be a possibility.

Any other ideas with the new possibilities of Roon 1.3? I’ve not yet figured out a good way to make something like “albums with individual covers” from my box sets.


What was once Tags became Collections which since that article has become Tags again. I hope that much of the discussed Collections functionality will find its way back in a future update.