Large CPU usage every 10 sec. on QNAP TVS872XT with 64GB RAM, NvMe, 10Gbe etc

ROON server on QNAP TVS 872XT 64GB Ram, Roon on NvMe volume and 10Gbe connection to Threadripper with also NvMe disk. Roon build number 1.8 build 783 server and client


3x10Gbe Aquantia QNAP Nic’s on NAS / over 10Gbe Netgear Switch XS 712Tv2 to PC, everything wired over CAT6a with certified CAT6a wall-sockets and patchpanel.


Audio Devices in this example the PC-speakers itself (Bose companion over USB) and also a Google Nest. Also own (not tested) NAD 390DD2 with B&W Emphasis, KEF LS50 Wireless II, Aurallic Mini etc.


The services “ROON server” and “ROON application” on QNAP NAS are increasing the CPU usage every 10 sec. with 60-85% and then dropped down again for 10 sec…ROON-client software on PC (W10) stutters then sometimes (normal 16/44.1). Already stopt and restarted ROON on the NAS, with no results.


Best regards,
Léon Jehae

Hey @Leon_Jehae,

Thanks so much for getting in touch when you noticed this - I’m only sorry it took us this long to reply. Please, accept my apology.

I was wondering, since it’s been a while, have you updated to build 790? Did that help?
When did this behavior start?
Are you using any CPU intensive features, like convolution and upsampling?

Thanks in advance :pray:

Hi Rebeka,

I’m using 790 but unfortunately with no results, the CPU usage is fluctuating every 10 sec. (approximately)

I even shutdown all VM’s in Virtualization station so there is almost zero CPU-load from other applications, no results. (Also rebooted the NAS)

Although i’m not using DSP, this behaviour is even when i’m not using ROON at all, so no music is playing and even no client is connecting to the server.

When i’m copying a file from my desktop (wired) to the same NvMe-drive where ROON-server resides i’m getting easily 1.1GB/s and on the switchport are no errors.

Strange is that the CPU-load is not constant but every 10 sec. for about 4-5 seconds. The CPU is a i5 6 core as you probably know. When disabling ROON the CPU-load is not fluctuating that much (between 10-20%).

Below a screenshot.
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Hey @Leon_Jehae,

Thanks so much for following up with all the details that you have. They will prove to be very helpful, I’m sure.

I’m sorry that we didn’t get a chance to reply over the weekend, as support is closed Saturday and Sunday at the moment.

I appreciate the clarification and, to make sure you get relevant suggestions, I’ve moved this thread in our technical team’s queue. One of our technicians will get back to you on this thread.

In the meantime, I was hoping you could also let us know when you’ve first started noticing the high CPU usage? Did anything changed around that time? Or, has it been this way since the very beginning when you initially used Roon?

Thanks yet again :pray:

Hallo Rebeka,

Unfortunately i’m not 100% sure when i detected the CPU-usage issue on my QNAP. But what i know for sure is that ROON, for the past months, is behaving not that responsive as before.

For example : (sometimes, like one’s every 5-6 songs) music (44.1/16, no DSP) is stuttering for 2-3 seconds, (sometimes) tracks are skipping (although that is an other problem as i read in the forum), and in general, all the end-point are not (always) responding as fast as before, when i’m pressing the pause-button for example, the music stops sometimes 4-5 seconds later or not at all.

I did in the meanwhile further investigation and i had the suspicion that i had a (kind of) loop in my virtual network on the NAS (i’m using 5 NIC’s in the NAS itself, 2x1Gbe for my Pfsense VM, 2x10Gbe for all my other VM’s and 1x10Gbe for non VM-applications like ROON).

So i moved my VM-firewall (Pfsense) to an hardware alternative so the virtual network on the NAS is not using that routing anymore. The result is that the CPU-usage is not as high as before.

Of course, on the one hand because the VM-Pfsense isn’t installed anymore on the NAS itself (but Pfsense wasn’t using that much CPU-load anyway) and on the other hand the “risk” of a loop is now eliminated.

In relation to the ROON behaviour the following :

ROON is working more stable now. However i’m not sure ROON-server is now working properly as it should, like i said, it is a 6-core i5-8400T@1.7Ghz.

And that should be an overkill for ROON with only 350 albums, no DSP, and installed on a dedicated NvMe drive (everything wired over 10Gbe).

So now ROON is using no 69%+ anymore but approximately 30-35% of the CPU-load (so sometimes 3.57GHz for doing nothing, see beneeth) BUT still :

  • fluctuating every 10 sec. (approximately) between 1-2% and 30-35% and
  • Even when i’m not using ROON at all (so now music is playing anywhere and now client is started to connect to the server)

When the above is “normal” behaviour for ROON than hereby the problem is solved, when not i hope the information is usefull for the engineer.

Latest update : Above was when i’m NOT using ROON. Now i’m using ROON (44.1/16 no DSP) via Google cast device and occasionally ROON-service hits 47% CPU-load. Skipping tracks remains and there was one stutter after 20-30min of playing music, that’s when i checked the CPU-load again.

Hi @Leon_Jehae,

The next time that you see a skip occur, please note the following:

  • The time it occurs
  • The track skipped
  • The endpoint you were playing to
  • CPU usage at that time

Send along that information and use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link (or any other file sharing service).


Hello Dylan,

Today ROON was stuttering (not skipping) again, see beneeth for the asked information :

  • The time it occurs - 12:14;12:15;12:16, once every minute for 1 second CEST (4 may 2021)
  • The track skipped - None this time, the stuttering problem is unfortunately not (completely) gone either. (Even after i disabled the PfSense VM)
  • The endpoint you were playing to - Google NEST (kantoor nest)
  • CPU usage at that time - between 36% and 55% only for the ROONAppliance (44.1/16)

I’ve send you the exported loggings (90MB) via WeTransfer (, i don’t like to make an (extra) account for dropbox for security (and privacy) reasons.

Best regards,

Now suddenly the ROONAppliance process is using 28,4GB of memory, even when i’m not using ROON???..see yellow in the picture below…I thought 8GB was the max?

Just (16:25) skipping a few songs, endpoint “kantoor NEST”, CPU-load was 11%
If required i can send you a new logging

There are only 2 days left to download the log Dylan.
Best regards,