Large difference in track count between iTunes library and Roon

Installed Roon almost two weeks ago. I’ve noticed a large discrepancy between the number of tracks in my primary iTunes playlist - about 17k, versus the amount Roon says are in my iTunes library - 9441. My library is a mixture - mostly ripped CDs, mostly to ALAC, some to AAC, some purchased AAC from iTunes, about 1000 tracks are FLAC files from HD tracks or B&W Society of Sound. As a user of A+, I have AAC proxy files for these FLAC files for playback on my phone, but that still doesn’t account for the difference. Only about 170 of the iTunes purchased AAC files have DRM on them. I turned off ‘hide duplicates’ but that didn’t seem to make a difference, there are definitely albums I can see and play in iTunes that are not in Roon. Any suggestions for getting my entire iTunes library into Roon would be appreciated, I’m loving the experience so far!

Hi @kneville – do you have ability to upload a track or two that Roon is failing to import somewhere, and then PM me a link?

Dropbox or Google Drive would be great, but let me know if you don’t have access, and I can give you a way to upload a few files directly to us. I’m sure we can figure out what’s going on.


Just pm’d you with a link, thanks for the prompt reply!

I’ve read a few posts form other users that sound like a similar, if not the same, issue, just wondering if this is something that will be addressed in 1.1 update? (but don’t want to start a ‘when is the update and what’s in it’ thread!). I’ve not heard anything about this since the end of June.

For example, I’m a huge Genesis fan, I have their entire output is in iTunes, ripped in ALAC from CDs I own. Only 9 of the albums are in my Roon library. The other 13 are available to me via my Tidal subscription, but I shouldn’t need to add them to library from there, I already have them. I’ve paid for a year of Roon and I’m generally happy with it, but really don’t understand why some ALAC files in iTunes ripped form my CDs are in my Roon library and others aren’t? Any insights from the community would be appreciated!

Thanks @kneville – timely post :smile:

I just mentioned in another thread that we have identified and resolved some issues with our ALAC decoder, and the fix will be included with 1.1.

Stand by! We’re getting close…

Thanks for your prompt reply, I’m willing to wait patiently! :grinning: