Large Library Use - How Do You Listen?

I’m curious how people use Roon with large libraries. I have about 3600 albums and use Discover when I don’t know what to listen to, or just let radio do its stuff. I haven’t done any tagging to speak of but kind of go from memory. But if I only listen to one album a day, 3600 is about ten years’ worth. If you really think about it, that’s a lot of music.

So you folks with huge libraries, how do you choose music? Do you have a lot of dead albums you never play? Do you listen to albums once and then move on?

Just curious more than anything.

I have a little over 4000 albums and about 36000 tracks in my library. Most of the time, I choose albums or tracks and go with ‘play all’. This shuffles my library, track by track. What I would really like is to have Roon randomly choose an album and play the whole album from first track to last, and then choose another random album, and so on. I’ve requested this in the Feature Request thread. Bottom line, I’m a shuffler. In my former iTunes life, I would construct smart playlists that were a calculated mixture of tracks of various ratings that hadn’t been played recently as well as tracks that had never been played and tracks recently added to my library. Not sure how/if that can be recreated in Roon, don’t think we’re there yet in terms of focus/bookmarks, etc.

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The Discover facility is worth discovering as it does throw up random things that can lead you in. After that, I follow my nose through the meta data and always find an interesting musical journey.
My second recommendation is to go and see some live music locally, buy some CD’s, rip them in and play the new stuff.

Great question and discussion. I have about 40K tracks in my library. What I used to do with Jriver is create a couple of dynamic playlists showing albums or artists by genre that I have either never listened to or have not listened to in 1 year. I really wish Roon can improve its playlist (focus) editor to make it as powerful as Jrivers. Now, with such limited capabilities in Roon, I just jump to a random letter in my Artist view then select an artist.

30,000 albums…95% of them fully ID’d in Roon.

Staring at a very large wall of CD’s was always difficult and I would gravitate to the same “go to” albums. That got better with Squeezebox and later with Sooloos.

The meta data with Roon is a big step forward and I will generally find a genre and focus in that to get a session going. Then I will often use review and credit tags to let me wander through the library making a play as you go playlist.

My wife is generally very pleased with Roon’s auto swim (aka radio) when she has primed it with an album.

Album view by newly added is another one I use a lot.

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Recently I’ve been using an inverse of tracks played forever to create a queue by thumbing up or down for about an hours worth of music.


You do realise that you can use Focus to select the inverse of a selection? So to focus on albums that you have never listened to in Roon, Focus on “Played in the last… All time”, and then touch/click the green " +Played" attribute. It will invert to a red “-Played” attribute. Now you have focused on albums that you have never played in Roon…

I stand corrected! Thank you! I’ve gotten too used to JRiver’s drop down menus so I never thought to explore a bit more. I will crawl back into my cave now.

Not to worry. There’s lots of subtleties in the Roon UI that are easy to miss. Probably accounts for the continuing calls for a user manual…

No cave crawling, I asked the question to find out stuff like this! :wink: