Largest Capacity Drive for Nucleus

Will the OWC 16tb ssd drive work in the Nucleus?

That’s probably a question for @danny ,

They may have tested it. Certainly the Samsung 8Tb is OK and tested

Is this the drive you are referring to:
OWC ThunderBlade 16TB External SSD?

I believe a 16TB drive would give you a capacity of over 3 million songs. :exploding_head:

Physically, 7mm or 9mm for Nucleus Rev A, and up to 15mm for Nucleus Rev B. Capacity isn’t an issue, because the theoretical maximum (ext4) is crazy high.

Only problem is the drive cost is 2400! Cost of a Nucleus Plus!

Form factor is 2.5 inch 7mm

I’ve not tried anything bigger than 8TB, but I can’t think of anything that would break at 16TB.