Last.Fm Log In Still Won't Work on iPad [Solved]

Still can’t log in to Last.FM even after latest release ?

If you go to the last FM site, is it scobbling you?
If so you are logged in and the login screen in Roon doesn’t respond. I did this. Just a thought.

Hello @Outlaw, can you be more specific on your issue ? Do you have any problems with logging into their website ?
I was logged into from the first try (using Roon) and its scrobbling fine. But I had an issues with logging into their website, it let me in only from the fifth try.

Can log into there website.Just can’t login through Roon.

Hey @Outlaw, sorry for late reply. I’ve lost this thread in a support flow :confused: What error does Roon display after rejecting your credentials ?

It says failed to log into last fm.

Ok, I’d like to see your logs. I’ll PM you shortly with further instructions. Meanwhile, what region are you in ?

In Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Okay sent the logs

Hi again @Outlaw, I’ve talked to dev team regarding this case and it appeared that the bug here was in iOS build, and it was also fixed (you just need to wait for b65 which is in the review in app store).
Hopefully there is a workaround: you can launch a Roon client on your laptop and log into with it.