Submissions when tracks are paused

Can Roon stop resubmitting songs to just because I pause them? This is a no-brainer code wise.

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Sadly I sometimes get 5 or more tracks recorded in for the same track.
But I have also seen it from Sonos and Plex so I’m not sure it is 100% a Roon issue

Hi @John_Nicar, we’ve brought your report to our QA team. Thanks for the feedback!

Hello @John_Nicar ,

We spoke to the team regarding your report and attempted to reproduce this behavior in the QA lab and we could not. Can you please provide some more details as to when/where you pause the track for it to show up? Are there any screenshots that you can provide? Thanks!

This is a screenshot from All of these submissions are from a Roon client running on Windows 11.The Roon Server is a ROCK. Both are updated to the latest version: Version 1.8 (build 913) and Version 1.0 (build 227), respectively.

Can you please confirm where these tracks are coming from? TIDAL, Qobuz, personal library?

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