Last Played Count Needed in iPhone App

Room Team,

LOVE your software. With over 1,500 albums in my library and adding new ones weekly, it is impossible to remember if I listened to an album or track. You guys solved this problem on all platforms via the Last Played Count except except on iPhone and I’m guessing Android too.

I know space it tight on the iPhone app for this info but I would suggest you change the color of the arrow that proceeds each track to designate that I’ve listened to it at least once. I’m less interested in the number of times I’ve listened to a track. I just want to know I’ve listened to it before.

This is probably not on the top of your request list, but it would be really nice to have in the iPhone app.

Thanks, Phil

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+1 for this.

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I sorely miss this info while viewing on a mobile device.

Also, there’s more than enough room to accommodate this kind of info when at tablet size.


If I recall, play count is visible on an iPad. Just not on the iPhone.

Another technique I use to help identify albums / tracks I have not listened to is the filter on Played and then just click the filter to view least played.