Last Roon update caused creation of many duplicate albums

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Innuos Statement Core 1.7 / 667
Tablet iPad Pro 10.5 OS 13.7 Roon v 1.7 / 610

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Description Of Issue
After this last update, about 6 days ago Roon has now duplicates often 20 times 30 or more albums.

As you can see they’re listed in unsorted folder.

I don’t know if I have to or should delete them one by one or if there is some underlying problem that needs to be addressed first.


The for troubleshooting step I would recommend is to reboot the Roon Core.

Also consider performing a library clean up, however, as always make sure your Roon database backup are current.

Ok I’ll look into that. In the meantime do you see any problem with the core and tablet having different builds ? Seems like any time I select find out more about an update, I can no longer update both together from the first prompt, is that true ?

I doubt the 2 are related but you should always keep the core and remotes in sync version wise. 667 is available in the iOS store so just go and update now.

Roon shouldn’t go creating or renaming folders or files so maybe this might be Innuos induced?

Hi @john_hudson,

How have you been adding the media files to the Innuous? Can you share a screenshot of how the Music folder on the Innuous looks like from a file browser?

All the library files were added either by a bulk flash drive transfer and or later through the front loading disk drive. I can’t show you that now because it’s unfamiliar territory for me. I’ve never had any file problem before. This is the response from Nuno the owner of Innuos. I can try his suggestion but I haven’t done what he suggested started the problem. It began with the update.

Just a quick update. Nuno suggestion was right on target. Duplicates deleted in one move. Whatever the cause, the problem appears to be a simple fix. Thanks guys for checking in on me !

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Hi @john_hudson,

Thanks for letting us know that the issue was resolved with Nuno’s help!

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