Last song in queue won't reach end

Sometimes when I reach the end of my queue the last song won’t finish. Roon reaches 1-2 seconds from the end and just stays there, never actually reaching the end of the song and stopping playback. This also happens sometimes when I add an album to the queue. In this case, the second album in the queue never starts because Roon is stuck on the last song from the first album.

Hi @tboooe ---- Apologies for the wait here. We have tried to reproduce this behavior you are reporting in house and are struggling to do so. I wanted to see if you can provide us some more details, procedurally speaking, on how you are triggering this response in Roon.

  • Are you adding a mix of both local and TIDAL content to your queue?

  • My assumption is that you are starting playback and then gradually adding content throughout your listening session, is this correct?

  • Is the content all same sample/bit rate wise or is it varying?

The more information you can offer us, the better :microscope: