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@support HI - I recently set up scheduled backups on my Roon Nucleus via Dropbox. It successfully did the full backup about 2 weeks ago and time-stamped the “Last Successful Backup” on that date and time. It then did 4 more partial backups via the schedule, but the Last Successful Date never changed. I then did a Find Bcakup and all the new ones are there and appear correct/stable. Do I have a backup issue, or does the last successful date/time refer to the last full backup only (which does not seem very useful)?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @Gary_Calega,

Can you please share a screenshot of the backup manager listings for the previous backups?

How do you define a “partial backup” in this instance? Did the backup start but not complete?

Can you confirm you still have enough free Dropbox space for backups to properly go through?

@support Sure - please see 2 screen shots attached. To answer your questions, I do have plenty of space on Dropbox. Also, I meant to say the Last Successful date stamp is for the first FULL backup and all the subsequent ones are the incremental backups. The latter ones appear to be successful as well, but are not reflected in the Last Successful Backup date.

InkedScreenshot 2020-03-11 12.08.43_LI|690x368

Hi @Gary_Calega,

If you try connecting a USB drive to the Nucleus and setting a backup schedule there, does this same behavior occur?

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