Last track from album Roon stays in 'Play' mode

I noticed that once I play an album and the last track ends, Roon doesn’t “stop” but it stays in “play” mode. I have to manually hit pause/stop for it to end. Is this a bug happening to anyone else? I don’t have “radio” turned on or anything. It should stop at the end of the album, correct?



On my system [with RADIO mode off] when the last track completes the music stops and Roon displays:

What are you seeing and do you still hear music or is it silent?

Same album or song? Accidently activated the repeat album/tracks feature?

Thanks guys. I’m at work now and will check when I get home. It seems to be one particular album I think? I don’t have “repeat” on either. It just stays in play mode with the pause button (as pictured above) showing. There’s no sound since it’s at the end of the track, I’m just not sure why it doesn’t go to stop mode. I’ll test more when I get home tonight and report back.

Thanks for the insight!


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