Lastest Roon Radio Is working Nicely

I don’t know if it’s the improvements or I am just getting better at Roon Radio. Today it’s definitely been learning from my thumbs up and down. I even tried two different songs that could have easily produced the same song lists but didn’t. It understood the subtle difference. It’s doing a nice job of mixing between my library and Tidal. Even introduced me to some new artists I like now. Keep this up and I may be able to discontinue my Pandora some day.


One of the strengths of the new Radio system is that it will only get better as it learns. Actually, I have been amazed at how quick it is learning. Spooky!

I’ve noticed that as well. I’ve already found a number of new artists to explore. Good Work Roon!

I have enjoyed the roon radio to hear songs from my NAS library in the past, but with the new update came out, it picks songs completely different from what I started. For example, playing classical album first when the radio kicks in it plays Christmas music. I indicate that the radio picked unrelated music, but it keeps throwing Christmas music at me no matter how many time I indicate it is not related to the original album I started with .