Latest build seems to be crashing my PC after 5 mins or so

So. . was away for a few weeks and not using roon but tonight it updated to the latest and I can only play music for 3-10 minutes until my entire system crashes - blue screen of death. Win 10, latest Roon, Devialet D400 with Air. Have never had this issue in the past.

The only thing running on the PC is Roon (core) and Devialet Air.

Blue Screen is associated with hardware. This could be a corrupt or incorrect driver.

You might be on to something with regard to an update but I believe that it is probably a Windows 10 update.

Windows 10 updates automatically and it is commonly known for breaking things.

Maybe check when Windows 10 performed it’s latest update and then try running a System Restore prior to that.

Do the problems persist after power cycling the computer ?

This morning I did several power downs, and for the first few it seemed to hang and stutter. The last one it went normal and so far it has not crashed after a few hours.

I’ll update Sunday evening with the latest good or bad.

All seems to be working well. . .so, the hard power cycles must have done the trick. Thanks.