Latest new qobuz stream offer based on my music DNA

Hi community. Does anyone want to have the latest stream offer based on your owned collection of music, especially artists. Through Roon, that should be possible. Roon could compare/use my data with “the latest new streamrecords”. I would like to fed with new content, based on my taste and not on general features. Does it already exist? Thx community

Roon Radio is supposed to do this for you now. Select and play a track and Radio should then pick the next track, could be from your library or could be from Qobuz.

Many feel Roon Radio is not quite as good as Pandora, Spotify and others but it can be quite good.

Thanks for your response. But I need to clarify, this proces should run by roon I suppose, without me selecting any track. But by reading constantly my dna (my music) for example on my nas, and look after new stream records, perhaps by making itself a playlist, a mail or what else. Is that now functional? Best greetings. Pat