Latest release - “just” Recent Activity?

Where is the iOS Lock screen controls?
What about lockable playlists?
Account/Player structure?
Portrait on normal sized iPads?
A Remote service, for accessing Roon from office (when we return), holiday home/holiday (when we can travel again)?
Mobile solution, similar to the above, but for the small form factor devices.

Need something more in a release than just ‘last played’, I know what I played, I haven’t lost my mind yet!


Hi @simon_pepper,

I don’t see your post a feature request, more a comment on the state of play with Roon’s development path, not aligning with your wish list … so I’ve moved it over to the general Roon discussion area.

yes. i feel quite disappointed.
it doesn’t seem to be something that has been asked.


I don’t see that @simon_pepper is trolling … he can express his disappointment that these features were not implement in this release.

Will it achieve anything, ie get I doubt it … Roon already knows about the requests and it’s up to them to determine which ones, if any, are implemented and when.

My remark was not geared towards @simon_pepper Iwas maybe misinterpreting something

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Roon have often said that they would prefer to publish more frequent updates with fewer features than large mega updates once or twice a year.

Somewhat like buses in traffic, however, projects tend to get bunched up by random delay.

I’m quite happy to see projects released when they are ready, rather than wait for a blockbuster release. It enables better testing and Support of issues that may arise apart from anything else.


Fully agree. And please also fix existing features working only „sort-off“ before throwing new ones at us.

Sounds like a recipe for never releasing a new feature. I’d like to see some existing features improved too, although my list seems different from others I have seen. I don’t know what the devs regard as finished, or how they choose development priorities but it seems pretty clear that new features are not being postponed until users are universally happy with the current software.

TBH all the core functionality is here. So at times it is good to step back and fix long pending issues that otherwise get run-over by „feature-frenzy“.

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Ok, but everything listed, which is not necessarily my wish list, have been requested in the Feature Request thread.
They have been discussed at length by the Community members, i.e. Roon users, and seemingly then completely ignored, while a feature “Recently Played”, I have not seen requested or discussed in the Feature Request thread is delivered as part of a release.

Now I accept that Product feature selection and prioritisation is difficult to do, and there is no pleasing everyone, but there is an acceptable level of transparency to how “Features to be developed“ are chosen as Development candidates, as well as taking user requests and suggestions Into the process instead of a ‘we know best’, ‘I know what the Product needs’, ‘we totally understand our customers and what the market wants’ approach.