Latest review of the sonicTransporter and Signature Rendu SE

Here is a great review of the sonicTransporter and Signature Rendu SE

I found this excerpt from the review to be interesting. My guess is that the reviewer’s findings are system-dependent.

Setup for maximum playback quality using Roon

Roon itself offers several other options in the “Settings” menu bar, and one of the most critical for my achievement of the best sound was to turn off Roon’s Digital Engine entirely. I started by lowering, and then defeating the Headroom Management feature, but that only provided so much improvement. Turning off the Digital Engine provided another significant improvement. According to the Roon knowledge database the purpose of the 3 dB reduction is to prevent audio samples that exceed the allowed range and cause “clipping”, which it is said can produce audible distortion. In my experimentation the audible distortion happened well beyond the “0” setting and into the positive numeric settings such as “1”. I’m not suggesting that there is no digital music that may clip audibly due to defeating either the Headroom Management or turning off the Digital Engine, but I never heard any among my collection of artists. The result of both actions was vastly improved sound.