Latest Roon update (build 528) - when switching to Roon radio at end of queue - music stops

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

QNAP TS-253Be / 8GB RAM / Roon on SSD / Roon build number: 1.7 Build 528

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Wired network:
Telenet provider (300 Mbit line) --> Fortiwifi 60C --> Cisco SG 300-28P --> dedicated supra cat8 SFTP cable -->

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

dedicated Supra Cat8 SFTP cable --> Naim Uniti Atom

Description Of Issue

since the last update (build 528) i have experienced several times no sound - playing stops (stays at mark 0:00) whenever my queue is empty and Roon radio switches on.
The Atom is still visible but pressing play / pause does nothing. playback remains freezed at mark 0:00

I noticed that when i power cycle the Atom i can press play again.
I also noticed that when I go into the device setup of the Atom and i change something, playback also can be resumed as normal.

any updates available for the Atom?

The Atom is on the latest update

This issue is new since the latest build a few days back

before the latest build i never experienced this behavior in over more than a year…


it seems to be the new Tidal login thing
it happens when my queue is local, and roon radio selects a Tidal track
its also happening when i select a Tidal album manually from my library or from tidal

also then: playback does not initiate

play mark remains at 0:00

I completely disabled tidal and logged out

I then again enabled and Tidal and logged in again (new login procedure to link Tidal to Roon)
Roon radio now seems to work again

I did this exact same correct procedure already before
it seems to me that this new procedure becomes stale after a while…

I also noticed that before this re-logon my Tidal subscription was in a perpetuate state of ‘synching library’

now, after logging off and on the Tidal library sync did finish and my problem seems to be gone


Hi @goat,

Thanks for the update here, and glad to hear that logging out and back into TIDAL has resolved this issue!

We have recently changed the way TIDAL login works in our latest Roon release from two days ago, so hopefully now that you performed the re-login the system will continue to work as expected.

If you have further issues regarding this behavior just let me know and can take a closer look. Thanks!

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Update: same problem once again
cannot play from Tidal. play mark remains on 0:00
Tidal login has gone stale again.

when I check my Tidal setup: it seems it is stuck once again in “synching library”

it seems to me that the problem always exists when the Tidal library sync did not complete

I had similar issue on Wednesday night with my Naim Atom.Whilst listening to radio which had been going for hours. It just stopped and refused to the play anything at all from any source. All other endpoints worked fine. I power cycles Atom no difference. It would play by UPnP and its own internet radio but not Roon. I had to restart Roon Core for it to work and them I had to login to Tidal again for some reason as it would nit login. Never had this issue before last update to Roon. Atom is on latest firmware.

Same here

It has something to do with the new login procedure for tidal

It seems the library connectuon goes stale

I have to repeat the disable / log off / log on procedure to fix this…

Third time in 5 days

Hi @goat,

Sorry to hear that the issue has re-occurred.

When this behavior occurred, did you notice it only happen on the Atom endpoint or were all endpoints affected?

You may want to try clearing out your TIDAL cache to ensure that it is in a “fresh” state moving forward:

  • Exit out of Roon/stop RoonServer
  • Find and open your Roon database
  • Navigate to Roon/Cache
  • Move the contents of the /Cache folder elsewhere, like your desktop
  • Try restarting Roon and verify if the issue still occurs
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