Latest RoPieeeXL download issue

I just wanted to report that the lates version of RooPieeeXL available for download might be corrupted. I can not create the bootable SD card using Etcher in MacOS. The regular RooPieee .bin file worked fine, no issues, and I’m using it for now. I’ve tried multiple times and multiple downloads including the .xz file.

File name:


Etcher can be problematic.

Try Rufus.

The download of Ropieee is a bit OK on a Mac you sometimes have to try Echter a couple of times It is what it is…
Rufus is a Windows application imo, so when you use Windows Rufus is the best choice.

Some alternatives below, I haven’t tried any of them because I have a Mac mini.

Cheers John.

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I meant to say, “Set up dual boot on the Mac, boot into Win10, run Rufus.”. :laughing:

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I’ve recently setup 3 RoPieeeXLs (same version as you) using Etcher on my Mac without any problems. This is the md5 sum I have:


Can you verify you have the same sum? If not, the file might be corrupted and you need to re-download.

Thank you all, it ended up working with Etcher… Not sure what the issue was.