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Since I launched the latest update today, I can no longer access my core which is a Sonictransporter
The Roon page (all I can access now) shows the ST as my core but that it requires an update. When you select Connect it says ST has latest update. It’s a loop I can’t get out of. Help! Just want some music

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I am facing same exact issue. Now my phone keeps looking but can’t find the core.

Reboot your core and see it that helps.

already done; no help

still waiting for help please. Roon app can’t find the core…

there is deathly silence on this thread also… Stephen_Johnson did you have any success? How?

I was able to fix my connection issues with some instruction info sent by Andrew Gillis at SGC for my Sonictransporter which is where I house my Roon core

Same problem here. To resolve the problem and get a usable Roon application I am trying to go back to where things were before this automatic update to 2.0 started 2 days ago.

I downloaded and reinstalled the legacy 1.8 version for my Mac as one of my remotes and also the legacy 1.8 version for my iphone. Still no communication possible with the core!

I have attached the message that I get.

Please help!

You need to move Rhein Z1 V2 also the Roon 1.8 Legacy.

Thanks, but how do I do that when I cannot connect to the core?