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Everything was fine until I just installed the latest Core update on my NUC. It has not come back up again, although I can access the web interface and it says it’s running. But ALL my control devices (IOS, Windows) are just showing “Waiting for remote core …”

Wow, I thought I was the only one. Have been frantically searching for solutions too. After the database debacle, I thought we had gotten past the worst of it. Alas…

P/s: I’ve done all sorts of reboots to no avail.

I’ve managed to get mine back up now with a sequence of reboots - hard reboots on the NUC. Has not been a smooth update though and I’m still not completely confident on it

Thanks, I’ll try again later. I’ve even resorted to removing the power plug out of desperation.

It would be mighty helpful if you could attach a monitor through the HDMI-connector and tell us/screen shot what you are seeing on that monitor? Preferably with a proper screen shot of the web interface also! (If available)

Sorry for the poor image but I took it in haste (from a projector screen). Am afraid I am only seeing a white hyphen/underscore/dash at the left corner of the screen. I’ve tried a hard reboot again, but the same thing appears.

It seems a boot issue. Likely a corrupted preferred boot device… :frowning:
I assume that you haven’t forgot a USB stick/drive in the NUC somewhere which the systems is trying to boot from?

Afraid not… I didn’t change anything in terms of hardware. I guess I’ll need to explore reinstalling from scratch. Quite a disaster. Thanks for the help!

Seems so, yes. :frowning: If you have the opportunity, have a look in BIOS settings and make sure the drive is identified correctly?
Is the boot drive an m.2? Media storage on SSD?

Thanks for your help. I relocated the NUC in an attempt to troubleshoot it and after a few reboots, it magically sprung back to life. Massive relief.

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