Latest update of Ropieee: Allo DigiOne pro hat no longer visible

Log identifier:1cefbf3360b953bf
Allo DigiOnePro on a pi4 - just updated to latest safe version of Ropieee, after which the HAT no longer appeared in Roon. I removed the HAT within Ropieee … rebooted … then tried to add the HAT back … nope - HAT no longer showing up as an option (eg for UPnP).
Ropieee version: 2024.04.2 (1622) [STABLE]

Log identifier: 06193920ae11f547

Updated to latest beta and the HAT appears in dropdown menus again. Roon now seeing Allo DigOne pro.

That’s not the latest stable version.

Log Identiier: d9217785af5b2e4a

I seem to be having the same problem with Roon not seeing my DigiOne Sig (RPi3) after switching from DietPi to Ropieee. Many reboots, reinstall Bridge - Roon still can’t see it. Help!

I changed the channel to beta (in the advanced section) and that seemed to work.

There’s something wrong with your RoonBridge (RAAT), but it is unclear to me what exactly.
Can it be that an Roon update is waiting to be installed?

Anyways, on the ‘advanced’ tab there’s an option to re-install RoonBridge: you can try that.
For the rest the system is OK and the HAT is properly recognized and initialized.


Thank you! I tried reinstalling the bridge a few times via the Advanced tab, but still have the same problem. Maybe there is a hardware issue? Is this a Roon issue?

It is a Roon issue as in: RoonBridge is crashing because of a connection error, and it is not clear from the logs which connection: to the Roon Server?

You could try a restart of your Roon Server…