Launch roon Core from roon app

Has this been asked (and laughed at?): Loving roon Core, roon Client, roon App, and curious if there was a method for the app to launch the roon application Core. Haven’t a clue if that is in the realm of possibility with software launching software. Obviously, way out of my depths. Just imagining “What if…” Absurd?

In the meantime, I’ll get up from my listening chair and click on the roon icon in the Doc on my desktop until something “easier” comes along (smile).


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Why is it that you need to manually start Roon, do you shutdown/reboot your core desktop computer every time you finish/start listening? If so there are a few posts here on how to have Roon auto start on computer bootup.

Hello robbbby,

Yes, I quit roon when not specfically employing the application as I do other applications. And I shutdown my Mac Mini as well rather than leave it running.

I am aware one can set roon or any program to launch/open at startup when OSX boots up, which I choose not to do.

I was merely wondering if an application can be launched by a remote app or quit from my iPad Air 2.


It cannot. The solution we recommend isn’t quite possible yet, but this is it:

  • Run RoonServer instead of Roon on the computer, and configure it to be there in the background all the time. For local control from the computer, run Roon on the computer too, but as a remote.
  • Use WakeOnLan to wake the machine if needed

We don’t have WakeOnLan support yet, but it’s in the roadmap. The Roon Remote would send a WakeOnLan packet to the computer running RoonServer to pull it out of sleep, and then RoonServer would be there.

Together this would make Roon behave more like an appliance.

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Just install a wake on lan app on your ipad and wake it up that way.
Yes, it is an extra app until integrated into Roon, but not that much of a hassle.
With Roon server set to background all the time you’d be set, today!

Hello brian,

Great restatement for what I imagined: roon run as an appliance. Couldn’t have restated it better.

Run roon run; and have fun running roon.

Appreciate your time and the prospects for innovating. Sincerity is measured by time, and roon Labs and it’s innovators are steadfastly true to making roon the gold standard for the enjoyment of music and getting there is more than half the fun.