Launch server without client


I dunno if I can achieve what I looking for.

I am actually too lazy :slight_smile: to set a dedicated server for Roon so when I need it I launch it from my main laptop and then I use the endpoints (iPhone, iPad).

Is there a way to launch Roon server on the laptop without launching the client?

Is there a way to launch Roon server at the startup of the laptop without the client to opening?

Or, at least, is there a way to put Roon in tray icon when launched (without using 3rd part software)?

Yes it is. Just take one of the “Roon Server“ downloads. They are headless and are automatically started with your machine. After that you can connect with any mobile remote.

Well, not quite. If you use the Windows version of Roon Server, it won’t start until the user logs into Windows. That’s why configuring a Windows headless server to log in automatically is necessary.

I’m ok even if I need to log in on Windows.

But, in this machine I have Roon server and also the client.

If I download “Roon server” I won’t mess the things?

There’s an article in the Knowledge Base on how to move from ‘full Roon’ to Roon Server:

Once you’ve made the move, be sure to tell Roon to behave as a remote (it will ask you once Roon Server is running).

Thanks for the help.

Last question: in this machine I don’t really want to move from “Server+client” to “Only server” I still need in this machine to have Roon client too.

In this case can I leave things as is now and everytime I want to use this machine as only server I need to launch the client?

Or can I install the server and the client separately in the same machine?

Yes, you can.

Once you have finished the procedure of migrating to Roon Server on that machine (read carefully: there’s a few lines in that KB article for this exact scenario), the next time you will launch Roon it will offer you the choice to use it as a Remote.

This is a perfectly valid scenario, as you can open and close Roon Remote as you see fit, while the music keeps playing via Roon Server.

Last of the last (trying to avoid to split server and client):

Is there a way to send the entire “Roon server/client together” (my actual scenario) in the tray icon or just hide it in a neat way when I don’t use its client side on this machine?

No: Roon Server will run in the background with a system tray icon, but Roon (no matter whether it is run as Remote or as Core) will behave like a regular Windows application.

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Hi everybody,

just today I did this switch, from Roon “full” (stand-alone) to RoonServer and Roon “as only Remote” on my machine (Windows 10).

I followed those steps:

Rename your Roon folder to RoonServer

So I went to:
And I renamed:


Download RoonServer for Windows and install it
Launch Roon Server
Once you’ve migrated to Roon Server, you can use any previously configured remote install to control it. You shouldn’t need to log in or reconfigure anything.

I am a little confused by a few of things:

  1. If I go to “Uninstall Programs and Application” in the “Control Panel” I see a “Roon” entry (250MB) and a “RoonServer” entry (250MB). The first is without icon and I think that is broken.*

  2. In “C:\Users\Me\AppData\Local” I have a new “Roon” folder that is 6MB (while RoonServer, which is the prevous Roon folder, is 4GB". Is that right?

  3. I had to make a new “Roon” shortcut because the previous was broken (because it was logically directed to “C:\Users\Me\AppData\Local\Roon” and not “C:\Users\Me\AppData\Local\RoonServer”.

  4. When Roon (and not RoonServer) will need to update itself what will happen??? Maybe It will mess up things? It’s not more in the “right” path!

Don’t you think is a little “dirty” to rename a program folder, brutally, into a S.O. like Windows? Or it’s ok?

Ps: it wasn’t easier and neat to just backup the database, uninstalling Roon stand-alone, then installing before the RoonServer and after the Roon “full” stand-alone (as only remote) and then import the database? :sweat:

But why?


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It’s on the first post :sweat_smile: