Launching Roon when I turn PC on [resolved]

Hello: I am new to Roon and my issue is launching Roon when turning the PC on without need of the monitor.
I have tried what has been posted before:
“Right click on the Roon icon and there is an option to select auto start”. I don’t have that option.
.“C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup”: Followed alll the steps, Roon appears in the Start Menu but it won’t start.
“Download Roon server only”. With Roon server I cannot start Roon.

My system: Roon Core in PC running Windows 10 64-bit (used exclusively for music). Melco (Nas) to Auralic Altair (Audio streamer with Tydal) to Classe CP800 Pream-Clasee 2300 Amp. The internet is AT&T (cannot reliably stream Tydal masters, but that is another issue unrelated). Control via i-Pad latest version.

Can anyone help?

Hi @jose_esteban ---- Thank you for the report, have you given this article from our knowledge base a read yet?

Configuring Windows to log in automatically for Headless Servers


I would suggest installing Roon Server which is designed for headless use and can auto-start.
Then, if required, also install Roon but configured to run as a remote which will give you a GUI for when you do have a monitor connected.

There is information in the Roon Knowledge Base on how to do this Configuring Windows to log in automatically for Headless Servers.

Have a read and let us know how you get on.

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