Laurence Equilbey "aka Iko" (?)

When I look at the french conductor Laurence Equilbey, she is being referenced as “aka Iko”.

This is a completely meaningless reference and should be removed. See screen print.

Hi @bbrip,

From the French Wikipedia entry on Laurence Equilbey:

In 2009, under the pseudonym of Iko, she is at the origin of the Private domain project which brings together musicians from the classical domain and electronic music, like the singer Émilie Simon.

It looks like the AKA entry here is accurate, but just let us know if we are missing something.


thanks @dylan. Not so sure whether that justifies an „aka“ entry in her Artist page. It is certainly not mentioned in her official artist CV, so she seems to thing this is of no relevance.

Some french wikipedia editor has it noted but so what?..

With AKA data we don’t currently have any logic to determine relevance of AKA information — That data is either there from one of our providers or it is not, and if it is there we display it regardless of the “importance” of that AKA data.

We definitely appreciate the feedback on this though, @bbrip. I’ll pass this along to the team for future consideration!