LCD up and running but not showing proper data

Hello, just finished setting up Ropiee with the 7 inch touch-screen and a digi+ SPDIF board. It plays, and boots, and shows stuff on the display, and most of the Ropieee related internal features work such as the Settings screen with all its options, the power button, and tapping on the Album Art area to switch on the additional icons. HOWEVER here are the issues I am having:

  • there is never any album art,
  • none of the Roon related buttons like play, skip, repeat, etc work
  • As soon as Roon starts playing, the song length indicator goes to some really huge number of minutes, like 110320:37 while the moving time indicator counts properly, eg. 0:48, 0:49 etc

I have enabled the Settings/Extensions/Spokfish option, it shows Ropiee Remote Control xxx 0.9.0 and “Status: Running”.

The unit downloaded version 170 of Ropieee, and I just installed Roon on the computer two weeks ago. My server is a NUC running server software 1.5 (build 339) and OS build 158 both indicated as stable.

I tried both with Wifi and ethernet cable, same response which is none.

Again all of the Ropiee-related controls work, none of the Roon related controls react nor does any album art show up.!

Any ideas?


Hi Gregor, welcome to RoPieee.

Would you check that the Roon zone is spelled exactly the same in the RoPieee web GUI as it is in Roon settings?

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That was the problem. Its fixed now, thanks so much for the help!!